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WOW Lv100-110 To Be A Decent Character


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Product Description

Game Name: World of Warcraft

Leveling Method: Manually/Real man handed questing

Start Time: 15 Minutes after paid

Duration: 5-7 Days

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat

★★★★★ WOW Lv100-110 To Be A Decent Character

  1. 100-110 power leveling by questing
  2. At least 6,000G for free
  3. Class Hall resources 5000
  4. Class Hall Lv 2
  5. Artifact Power 10,000,000
  6. Artifact Knowledge to Lv26
  7. Unlock Artifact new traits
  8. 80% Flight Paths Uncovered
  9. Average item level 850+
  10. Open Suramar World Quest(Only for starting from 100 level)
  11. Valarjar to Honored or Friendly
  12. Dreamweavers to Honored or Friendly
  13. Court of Farondis to Honored or Friendly
  14. Highmountain Tribe to Honored or Friendly
  15. Completed Suramar Story-line 1~8
  16. Open the 2 mythic dungeon: Court of Stars & The Arcway
  17. Unlock the third relic
  18. Clear the main quests in 5 maps
  19. All quests rewards, loots, drops belong to customer and stored in bags.
  20. All orders can be started within 15 minutes after order placed.
  21. 100% handed work, 100% account safe guaranteed.


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