World of Warcraft Gold US



100,000G /unit
Including the US, Oceania/Australia, Latin America and Brazil servers

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Product Description


Game: World of Warcraft(US Servers)

Amount: 100,000G

Delievery Time: 5-15 Min

Delivery Method: Auction House / Trade(Face to face)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat

SKU: wowusg100000

How to buy WOW Gold US?

PLS GAME MALL is an e-commerce website, like, The order process is consistent with most shopping websites.

1. Find what you need in the category of World of Warcraft, and then click [Add to Cart] button.
2. Go to the shopping cart page. You can find the entrance in the main navigation bar or right side bar.
3. If you have the coupon, then you can redeem it by click the [Apply Coupon] button. Also you can update your quantity here.
4. Click [Process to Checkout], some contact information is required. In order to facilitate the purchase next time, you can check the [Create an account] to store your contact information. It is convenient for recording your orders history data too.
5. Select a payment methods and pay for it.
6. Our traders will deliver the gold within 5-15 minutes by our schedule.

How to obtain the WOW Gold you bought?

1. The delivery method in WOW Gold is only Aucion House. We recommended you to contact our live support the get more help in the gold delivery.
2. Buyer post 2 items(see them below) on the AH, and set the buyout price should be set as 52,632G(if you bought 100,000G) because we PLS GAME MALL cover the auction fee.
3. If you don’t have any one item on the list, you can buy one of them on the AH, and then post it on the AH again.
4. Tell your item name to the customer service representative in live support. If you don’t want to contact us instantly, you can write it on the checkout note field.
5. Our trader will buy it with the WOW Gold.
6. You will obtain the WOW Gold in 1 hour because there’s an hour delay in WOW Auction System.

How to get coupon in WOW Gold US?

Method 1, Search it on Google, Yahoo or Bing by the term of ‘pls game mall coupon’, ‘pls game mall discount code’, ‘wow gold coupon’. Some guy or our poster will disclose some coupons in public blog or news.
Method 2, Refer a friend. If you had registered, you can access your account and find your referral URL. Send it to your friends and when he placed an order, you will get 2% ~ 9% coupon by email.
Method 3, share our page on the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The share tool is on the right side bar. Then show it to our live support, then you can get the coupon.
Method N, Discover more method to get the coupon? Try to place a tiny order as start.

Auction House Stuffs

Please use these stuffs for the auction house.
Chaos CrystalChaoskristallCristal del caosCristal du chaos
Fractured Temporal CrystalZerbrochener temporaler KristallCristal temporal fracturadoCristal temporel fracturé
Hexweave BagHexenzwirntascheBolsa de tejido de maleficioSac en trame-sort
Temporal CrystalTemporaler KristallCristal temporalCristal temporel

As you are reading this, you are probably one of the millions of WOW players out there. World of Warcraft, or WOW, is the most played online game ever created. And as in any game, everything gets down to gold. Imagine how fast you could achieve higher levels and buy the things you need for your mission with a proper amount of gold.

Are you in dire need of gold to finish your quest? Are you getting bored and do not want to collect gold by venturing through the widespread war-worn world of Azeroth to get your epic mount? Stop worrying. There are a lot of WOW gold sellers online to assist you in your quest. But among genuine vendors, you need to choose a reliable one; at least you need safe gold and fast delivery.
WOW has its economy. The success in the World of Warcraft largely depends upon your purchasing skills and application of certain tricks while purchasing gold because this is the main currency that is used in WOW. You can purchase the gold currency of WOW either by paying real currency or farm the WOW gold by yourself.

There is a ridiculous number of overpriced, poorly supported, and just plain dangerous to buy from gold sellers on the internet. Even if you can find the cheapest, there is no guarantee that they are legitimate, or that they have enough gold for your server or faction, or most importantly, that they are safe to buy from. Trying to find out where you can buy WOW gold cheap and safe can be almost impossible too, because no one likes to admit they buy gold, so getting a good recommend action can be near to impossible.

So, let’s talk about one of the biggest sites on the internet for buying WOW gold. I’m talking about PLs Game Mall. The first thing that needs to be considered is how safe the site is. There is no reason to consider anything else if you are in danger of fraud, stolen identity, etc., by buying from the site.

Why buy WOW Gold from PLS GAME MALL?

1. Legit Gold

PLS Game Mall’s WOW Gold recourse is safe and legal, the gold come from quest and dungeon rewards.
There are two parts of website safety-how trustworthy the site is, and how secure the site is. PLS Game Mall scores high in both areas. There are little to no ‘horror stories’ connected to PLS Game Mall on the internet. They use industry standard security for their business, and are a legitimate business, not a scam. So you can relax about that bit; on to the other parts of the site. Now a lot of people move straight to price, but let’s talk about some other things first. PLs Game Mall has pretty good availability, in other words a decent supply of gold for any server/faction. So you won’t probably find yourself unable to buy from them because they’ve run out of gold on your server.

2. Fast delivery

They can deliver the gold in 15 minutes. We have more than 9 years (founded in 2008) of experience in the gaming and virtual currencies market, which allows us to provide the most professional service for your WOW Gold. Our traders are real players who can guarantee fast delivery. More than 90% orders are completed within 10 – 15 minutes. Both face to face trade and auction house trade are available. PLS Game Mall delivers on time; so you won’t get afraid in completing your mission.

3. Nice Prices

We adjust our world of Warcraft gold prices in real-time according to market data (wholesale price and competitors prices), so you can buy WOW gold from us with reasonable prices.

4. Open reviews

You can review them online and search more reviews on Google. Tons of Positive reviews: We are constantly trying to improve our service by being honest, friendly, and helpful. We have been awarded by countless positive reviews from WOW gold customers over the years. You can read some of our reviews on Google to learn more about PLS Game Mall.

5. Legal business

Since 2008, trustful brand. PLS Game Mall have more than 9 years of experience in the gaming and virtual currencies market, which allows us to provide the most professional service for your WOW Gold as we are trustworthy.

6. 24*7 Live Chat Online

Our service is client oriented. We want to provide top quality service for a minimal WOW Gold price. That’s why we read every review or suggestion so we can improve our service to meet customer’s requirements. If you are not satisfied by the service provided, please write to our quality control department, and we will solve your problem and we also offer 24*7 live chat support.

7. No spam in game

There are no advertisements inside the game, as PLS Game mall keep the game environment healthy. Advertising in game chat window is making players uncomfortable no matter what channel they use, especially repeatedly posting. The window should show the battle information, raid chat, party chat or combat log but the ad are full of the small rectangle. It seriously affects the game’s experience.

Buying game currency is breaking the term and condition of Blizzard(including the and World of Warcraft). We strongly recommend that spend out the wow gold  immediately after receiving them. PLS GAME MALL will NOT cover the loss in official gold-remove or gold-return action.


Auction House

1. What information should I provide?
We need the buyer provide the item name which listed in the AH.
2. What amount should I post in AH?

1.)We will cover the fee of auction, you need to post 5% extra. You can use the formula: Paid-Amount ÷ 0.95 = Auction-Amount
eg. post an item as buyout price 105,263 if you buy 100,000 Gold
2.)If you don’t know how much, you can contact our live support.

Trade (Face to Face)

Alliance: Stormwind City -> The Trade District
Horde: Orgrimme -> The Valley of Strength
You can wait in front of the bank or Auction House. We will trade with you in few minutes. Optionally, you can trade some useless things to him if you want, because it looks like a real trade.
Remember 2 things
1. Don’t say anything to the trader, you should keep silence in the whole trade process.
2. Never give the gold to anyone including the trade. Some scammers always pretends as trader with a similar name.

Alliance: Stormwind City -> The Trade District
Alliance: Stormwind City -> The Trade District
Horde: Orgrimme -> The Valley of Strength
Horde: Orgrimme -> The Valley of Strength