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Mythic+ Loot Chest


20 Loot Chests for an order at least

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Product Description

Mythic+ Loot Chest

Game Name: World of Warcraft US

Leveling Method: Manually/Real man handed questing

Start Time: Contact our live support to schedule.

Complete Time: 6-12 hours to get 20 chests

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat

Requirement: No item level required.


  1. Get loots chests from Mythic+ level 2~3 dungeons
  2. 20 Loot Chests for an order at least
  3. 30 Artifact Power Token: Accolade of Achievement
  4. All valuable gears and materials drops belong to customer, they will be kept in bag.
  5. You have the chance to get 940 legendary gears

Official Description of Mythic Loots

There are two types of loot associated with Mythic+ Dungeons: a chest at the end of the instance, and a chest from your Class Hall the week after.

  • At the end of a successful run, a chest (or several chests) will appear that all players can loot.
  • The loot is personal, so each player should loot it to see what their reward is
  • Two pieces of loot are guaranteed, but may be distributed amongst the party randomly
  • Players who receive loot will receive items that are appropriate to their class/spec
  • These items can be traded to other eligible players in the party, if they are not an ilvl upgrade for the player who won them
  • The first chest will also contain Artifact Power tokens for each player, with the amount of AP provided depending up on the level of dungeon completed:

  • At the start of the next dungeon reset, a chest will appear in your Class Hall with loot that corresponds to the highest difficulty dungeon completed in the past week. This is based off highest clear, regardless of making the timer.

Dungeon Chest drops are taken from the loot table for the dungeon the players have completed.

Class Hall Chest drops may be from any dungeon, including dungeons you have not yet unlocked (e.g. Court of Stars/The Arcway) or dungeons that do not have a M+ mode (e.g. Violet Hold). This gear will be at least a Warforged version of the type of gear you would have gotten from your best Mythic+ dungeon – so for example, if you cleared a Mythic 5, you will get at least a Mythic 5 Warforged item. The chart below shows the minimum ilvl you will get from each source:

LevelDungeon ChestClass Hall Chest
Regular Mythic840N/A

With the opening of Mythic Nighthold, the ilvls for high level keystones has increased. Rewards increase through Mythic Keystone 15 now.

All this loot has a chance to be Warforged or Titanforged, up to ilvl 925. If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged.

Mythic+ Caches in 7.1.5 now reward 15  Essence of Aman’Thul, needed to upgrade your legendary to ilvl 940 in Touch of a Titan.