Antorus The Burning Throne

Raid Antorus the Burning Throne


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Product Description

Game Name: World of Warcraft

Product Description

Buy Antorus boost and receive the following:
All 11 bosses in all four wings including greatest Titan which was hidden by Blizzard until now. Destroy the Heart of Argus and eliminate the Legion and Fel from WoW universe!
Possibility to get your Antorus boost in Master loot mode (often you see shorten variant ML)
960 average item level of the gear, with possibility of getting it up to 980! Last boss Argus the Unmaker, like Kil’Jaeden and Guldan, dropping 10-points higher 970 pieces.
All achievements for completing Raid Wings and Ahead of the Curve – Argus the Unmaker
Chance on getting new legendary trinket which will be the main vector of upgrades during this patch.

We provide closer look to service – buy Antorus carry:
20 man Raid Team containing professional top ranked players from the best guilds via wowprogress
MasterLoot mode rewards at least 7 different and non-similar slots (same items and item types don’t count unless they can be equipped both at the same time – e.g. rings, relics, trinkets). Despite that, you still can get more items when blizzard are kind and raid receives a ton of loot for your character.

Buy Antorus the Burning Throne boost and be sure that your character is safe:
We propose two ways of boosting – self played and pilot
Self played means that you are operating your character during the run
Piloted version means that our booster will take care of playing your character during the execution.
Afraid of safety when picking piloted? No bans for PvE services in case of account sharing since the start of our work. For cases of not trusting – we always use VPN plus possible to set up livestreams or screenshots (ask about possibility before the order, if it’s a must for you because not every booster is able to do stream).
Full safety is guaranteed and confirmed by hundreds of independent reviews.
Our boosts being made only by humans, so no third-party programs, bots or exploits.

Is there are some requirements when you Buy Antorus the Burning Throne carry?
110 Level of the character plus active World of Warcraft account (with paid subscription) – you can set up leveling process with Leprestore (click here)
To earn loot and achievement from boss you need to interact with him – deal damage or die from his damage (basically you just need to cast one spell or do one auto attack to the foe).
There are no gear requirements to start Antorus carry.

Antorus Heroic Boost have amazing additional options:
4 / 6 tiers guarantee – your char will 100% receive the four tier set bonus after the completion of your order.
Pretty rare situation when customer gets 4 tier bonus during single run so if you are going to add this bonus option you will definitely get a combination of 4 tokens, granting you powerful bonus
It can be done during single or several raids (depends only on your luck but every next run will be for certain bosses for free until you get your 4/6)
10 slots guarantee also extends your conditions of the run for 30% granting you more unique gear and possibility to be ran several times to get it done (with always different and non-similar slots)

Antorus raid boost background:
Your order will be executed by best worldwide guilds, most of them are signed with our store by real contracts.
Mythic is the most efficient difficulty in terms of loot and gear – you receive high level gear with high possibility of receiving end game procs on those piece

Leveling Method: Raid/Team Run

Start Time: On schedule

Complete Time: Estimated 2~3 Hours

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Alipay, Wechat

How to buy WOW Power Leveling US?

PLS GAME MALL is an e-commerce website, like, The order process is consistent with most shopping websites.

1. Find what you need in the category of WOW Power Leveling, and then click [Add to Cart] button.

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3. If you have the coupon, then you can redeem it by click the [Apply Coupon]. Also you can update your quantity here.

4. Click [Process to Checkout], some contact information is required. In order to facilitate the purchase next time, you can check the [Create an account] to store your contact information. It is convenient for recording orders history data too.

5. Select a payment methods and pay for it.

6. Our levelers will log in and start your order within 5-15 minutes by our schedule. Note #1

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