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Game: Final Fantasy XIV

Amount: 10,000K Gil

Delivery Time: 10-30 Min

Delivery Method: Mail Delivery(Add to friend list first)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, Alipay, Western Union, Wire Transfer

How to buy FFXIV Gil NA?

PLS GAME MALL is an e-commerce website, like Ebay.com, Amazon.com. The order process is consistent with most shopping websites.

1. Find what you need in the category of FFXIV, and then click [Add to Cart] button.
2. Go to the shopping cart page. You can find the entrance in the main navigation bar or right side bar.
3. If you have the coupon, then you can redeem it by click the [Apply Coupon] button. Also you can update your quantity here.
4. Click [Process to Checkout], some contact information is required. In order to facilitate the purchase next time, you can check the [Create an account] to store your contact information. It is convenient for recording your orders history data too.
5. Select a payment methods and pay for it.
6. Our traders will deliver the gold within 10-30 minutes by our schedule.

How to get coupon in FFXIV Gil?

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What you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV Gil

The new game released in 2016 has undoubtedly won the fans over since it was launched. The game has become popular all over the world capturing the interests of fans in a significant way. Fans claim that FFXIV is one of the best games ever due to its upgrades, interface, and graphics.
The game has by now over 6 million players, and it is growing fast. The game-play, the quests, and the plot you build for your character at every decision you take are for sure part of the successful outcome. However, the brilliant idea of a game currency on Final Fantasy XIV that is as versatility as gil is the real secret. You can trade gil for real money and vice versa. We will tell you the details below.

Best methods to earn the in-game currency

The game currency is the most important and coveted coin in the virtual world. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is the kind of money that gets you the best houses, items, weapons, potions, and any other thing that is a power-up. You will be deprived of gil and homeless if you don’t do something about it from the start.
There are ways to get the game currency like getting contracts, trading goods, farming, and hunting. However, these methods are too slow, particularly when you are new to the game. As you don’t have certain tools or skills, then you cannot complete most contracts. Not to mention having any weapon or potion. This obviously is out of your reach.
The solution at first is to trade for FFXIV Gil, buying it in exchange for real money. Once your game is settled, and you are a powerful landlord, you can think of other ways to get your money back. By the time you have a huge place to live, and there is nothing else you need to purchase, you will notice how gil piles up, and precisely at the moment when you don’t need it anymore.
Then, it is time for the return of investment. You can now use the same service you used for buying to give up gil for money, and the cycle is complete. But this is going ahead in the article. We will disclose the details next.

Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

The good thing about Final Fantasy XIV is that you can buy the FFXIV Gil from trusted marketplaces. Sometimes it might be difficult to earn enough Gil for your mission. Then, you might be required to purchase gils from the leading markets.
The good thing is that these marketplaces guarantee delivery and at the same time protects the sellers against payment fraud. Incredibly, there are no hidden or registration fees. Before you purchase FF14 Gil online, ensure that you do research to make sure you deal with the most reputable marketplace. Check our information and reputation, and you will stop looking at other marketplaces.

Sell Final Fantasy XIV Gil

The gil of marketplaces is coming from other players. Unlike other games, Final Fantasy XIV lets users trade gil with other users through marketplaces. All players that have excess gil and might want to discard it make use of this option.
As we mentioned before, trading gil works both ways and depending on where you are in the game it is good to buy or sell. Check the profits, as you consider our marketplace. The same account you make for buying will serve for selling. That way you will not have to do any additional configurations or registrations.
By selling your Gils in a good marketplace, you will reap good profits. This way you are able to convert your digital treasures into real cash. Which other game will give the chance to do that?


In summary, it is clear that Final Fantasy XIV Gil is a rare resource that all FF14 players aim to earn. Despite its limited nature, players still have equal opportunities to make it, but the odds are small for starters. As you become strong, you will have the resources to secure contracts, hunt, and farm. Then you do not have to worry about Gils, and you can sell it.
The best advice to advance quickly in the game and create an empire quickly is by purchasing gil via a reputable marketplace. That will give you the opportunity to get the things you must have to perform profitable jobs, buying land and other things the game requires. As a consequence, you are going to advance much faster than with the limited gil of a starter, having much more fun. As you get to the equilibrium point with the perfect empire, you will start producing gil practically automatically. The gil will accumulate in your account, and you can now sell it for profits.

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