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The only one delivery method is Loot Auction. Contact us to get the dungeon number. Our customer support staff will guide you how to get the gold step by step.


Game: Blade and Soul(EU Servers)

Amount: 500G

Delievery Time: 5-15 Min

Delivery Method: F8 Face to Face(Cross-server Dungeon Loot)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, Alipay, Western Union, Wire Transfer

SKU: bnseug500

How to buy BNS Gold EU?

PLS GAME MALL is an e-commerce website, like, The order process is consistent with most shopping websites.

1. Find what you need in the category of Blade and Soul, and then click [Add to Cart] button.
2. Go to the shopping cart page. You can find the entrance in the main navigation bar or right side bar.
3. If you have the coupon, then you can redeem it by click the [Apply Coupon] button. Also you can update your quantity here.
4. Click [Process to Checkout], some contact information is required. In order to facilitate the purchase next time, you can check the [Create an account] to store your contact information. It is convenient for recording your orders history data too.
5. Select a payment methods and pay for it.
6. Our traders will deliver the gold within 5-15 minutes by our schedule.

Delivery Method Loot Auction Trade (F8) in Blade & Soul Gold?

1. Both of our trader and buyers press F8 to enter the cross-server dungeon lobby.
2. We enter the same room with the number of room. Sometime we add a password. We need buyers contact our live support to get the room number.
3. Both of us will kill few enemies. We won’t fight over the dungeon, just few of them.
4. The drops require auction, it is called loot auction. We will bid the amount which you bought on our website. You may press [PASS] to end the auction. Then you got the gold, and our trader got the loot stuff.
5. Trade complete, you got BNS Gold you paid for.

How to get coupon in Blade and Soul Gold EU?

Method 1, Search it on Google, Yahoo or Bing by the term of ‘pls game mall coupon’, ‘pls game mall discount code’, ‘bns gold coupon’. Some guy or our poster will disclose some coupons in public blog or news.
Method 2, Refer a friend. If you had registered, you can access your account and find your referral URL. Send it to your friends and when he placed an order, you will get 2% ~ 9% coupon by email.
Method 3, share our page on the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The share tool is on the right side bar. Then show it to our live support, then you can get the coupon.
Method N, Discover more method to get the coupon? Try to place a tiny order as start.


PLS GAME MALL offers the F8 face to face delivery only in BNS Gold, also called cross-server dungeon loot.

  1. We will tell you a dungeon number(some time with a password together). Buyer should press F8 and then fill in the number to meet us in the dungeon lobby.
  2. When buyer are in, press [Ready]. Then 2 players will be in the same dungeon, no matter what the server is.
  3. Fight against the enemy with the trader but don’t die. Mostly loot auction window will pop-up within 3 waves enemies.
  4. Trader will bid it with the price of the gold, and the buyer will obtain the gold.
  5. Trade complete. Buyer can exit the dungeon after he got the BNS gold.