Membership Basic Rules

VIP level and cumulative consumption

Every member will get vip gold bonus if his order completed, including the game gold, game power leveling, game card or item/mounts. You can trace your VIP level by Only log in and place orders can be added consumption, and it will be leveled up to gold bonus as VIP level. If you are VIP5, and you will get 105,000 WOW Gold if you place an order of 100,000 WOW Gold.

VIP1 — 1% Gold Bonus
VIP2 — 2% Gold Bonus
VIP3 — 3% Gold Bonus
VIP4 — 4% Gold Bonus
VIP5 — 5% Gold Bonus
VIP6 — 6% Gold Bonus
VIP7 — 7% Gold Bonus
VIP8 — 8% Gold Bonus
VIP9 — 9% Gold Bonus
VIP10 — 10% Gold Bonus

Remember that only members can get the VIP bonus. If you are members but you forget to log in, and then you won’t get the VIP bonus. If you are buying without log in, and the you will still get the consumption added to level up your VIP. The VIP level is calculated based on contact email(the same as login email).