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Buy cheap and safe Blade and Soul gold from PLSGAMEMALL. 5-10 minutes delivery, 24*7 live support, 100% legit BNS Gold......So many features in game gold filed during the 8 years‘ experience.

Blade & Soul (Hangul: 블레이드 앤 소울; RR: Beulleideu aen soul) is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NCSOFT (Team Bloodlust). On September 13, 2012, NCSOFT announced that Blade & Soul would release in Western territories, which eventually happened on January 19, 2016. A Japanese animated television adaptation began airing on April 3, 2014 on TBS and other stations.

Genre: Fantasy
Developer: Team Bloodlust (NCsoft Developer Division)
Publisher: NCSOFT
Genre: Action MMORPG
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platform: Microsoft Windows
KR June 30, 2012
CN November 28, 2013
JP May 20, 2014
TW November 20, 2014
RU 2016 Q1
US January 19 2016
EU January 19 2016

Delivery Method Loot Auction Trade (F8) in Blade & Soul Gold

1.Both of our trader and buyers press F8 to enter the cross-server dungeon lobby.
2.We enter the same room with the number of room. Sometime we add a password. We need buyers contact our live support to get the room number and password.
3.Both of us will kill some monsters or enemies. We won’t fight over the dungeon, just few of them.
4.The drops require auction, it is called loot auction. We will bid the amount which you bought on our website. Then you got the gold, and our trader got the loot stuff.
5.Trade complete, you got how much BNS Gold you paid for.

Delivery Time: Only 5-10 minutes

We recommend the loot auction trade. Auction house is supported but it is not recommended, contact our live support to check more.

Payment Method: PayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill(Moneybookers), Wechat, Alipay, Western Union


1.In-Game Mail Delivery
2.Auction House Delivery
3.Face To Face Delivery
4.What is Dungeon Loot Auction F8?
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